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It is a challenge to describe precisely what Cardiff Transition stands for….. it’s aims are to support a Zero Carbon Economy in Wales 1st City as through promoting an inclusive and holistically developed social environment where people can link up in pursuit of their mutual interests under the sustainability banner.

Pat Gregory from Activist Cafe and Cardiff Co-Housing has a quote from Naomi Klein’s book: ‘This Changes Everything’:

“.. we are trapped within an economic system that has it backward; it behaves as if there is no end to what is actually finite (clean water, fossil fuels, and the atmospheric space to absorb their emissions) while insisting that there are strict and immovable limits to what is actually quite flexible: the financial resources that human institutions manufacture, and that, if imagined differently, could build the kind of caring society we need.”

Cardiff Transition (CT) began in the late 2000’s with a view to improve sustainability across Cardiff in a holistic community driven format. Many of UK’s institutions run in a top-downwards format, which regrettably in many ways does not work as the majority of the little people at the bottom don’t get a say in matters and feel no real change can therefore be created.

The Transition movement works in a holistic / community driven / bottom-up format where small entities are supported in reaching out to their locales by leading by example, providing opportunity to others to partake and contribute creating positive change in your local area.

This video was created by Cardiff Transition to start to detail some of the many things that we wish to support you all with in Cardiff’s districts and boundaries. Many initiatives can be specific to just your own street, your district or a city wide initiative (and beyond Cardiff for others who wish to adopt such positive practices) to make our communities happier, healthier, democratic and sustainable places.

Cardiff Transition (CT) began in the late 2000’s with a view to running awareness-raising events on core Transition themes such as for example:

  • food
  • transport (public and personal)
  • community organizing.
  • healthier living (physical/mental)
  • local economy

In late 2010, Cardiff Transition decided it was time to re-organise its core group and launch the initiative as an official Transition initiative. In 2011, we are registering with the Transition Network. A website began in earnest, with a view to create a directory of all volunteering, public and professional entities that have a sustainable ethos at its core with a view to make Cardiff a happier, more community prosperous place.


2012 saw the launch of the Sustainable Cardiff Map and was attended and presented at by Ben Brangwen. It is intended that the Sustainable Mapping entity will reach out to many of Cardiff’s approximate 375,000 population. We are all too aware many people face chronic social isolation, feel very disconnected from their neighbourhoods. By offering an opportunity for many of you to reach out to local groups of interest – it will help you develop your personal/social/professional network and improve your quality of life – as well as just as importantly giving many of you the opportunity you crave to contribute your ideas, enthusiasm and time.

A decade on; we are working on refining the categorising approximately 10 themes to make it easier for you to find your interest area on the events/mapping pages.

Please get involved ….

Cardiff Transition is always looking for more people to join the core team. If we can gain a consistent critical mass of 20 regular core members, coming from all walks of life with each of them having many positive links to various groups across Cardiff – we can all help make Cardiff Transition a stronger entity and this will always help you and Cardiff to be a better community.

This is your town – this is your Transition group – please get involved with Cardiff Transition. You can follow us on Facebook, twitter or directly email us!

We look forward to meeting more people and bring people together every year! Be part of the Transition and help your own neighbourhood experience a more positive vibrant community!

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