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Cardiff Transition Constitution

You can download a copy of the Cardiff Transition Constitution here: Cardiff-Transition-Constitution-Revised 2017 This will be revised on annual basis as we grow and learn from our many experiences progressing Cardiff into a sustainable city.

 Cardiff Transition Policies

The following policies have been created for Cardiff Transition to ensure it makes best efforts to be all-encompassing in it’s activities within the many communities of Cardiff.

We work continually to improve these policies as we progress as an organisation.

 Cardiff Transition AGM’s

Below is information for the 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2012 AGM’s for Cardiff Transition:

The 2018 AGM: 

Held on Tuesday, 6th March 2018 at Chapter in Canton.

It was an very high turn out of multiple different groups with over 30 groups introducing themsleves which led to awareness raising and new links being established between multiple groups/individuals.

The feedback from this AGM was very positive afterwards – on the YouTube video the attendees will (eventually) be added [with timestamps] of who they are/what they do etc. to encourage you to work with those who may be of interest to your own social/community/biodiversity/local economy interests.

Walking away from this 2018 AGM, a renewed enthusiasm began with interest from multi focal groups all with a common goal of making Cardiff a more peaceful, happy and sustainable city.

The 2017 AGM: 

Held on Tuesday, 28th February 2017 at Cathays Community Centre. This was delivered in a different format with (the boring bit first) years accounts, election of positions on the committee etc then three speakers Mr Sam Holt, Ms Jess Mcquade and Prof Calvin Jones – all giving insightful talks on:

History of the Cardiff Transition and the last years progress. (Sam Holt)

Sam is one of the original (of twelve) core volunteers to bring Cardiff Transition about in the late 2000's/early 2010's. He was the 3rd manager to take over Riverside Community Garden before becoming Director of EggSeeds in early 2010's.

Sam has brought massive enthusiasm to food growing, mapping green spaces around Cardiff, educating children in schools and many other sustainability food themed projects - and this shows in the many awards he has attained over the years.

A look at the Future Generations/Wellbring Act and how we can all apply it. (Jess McQuade)

Jess McQuade is a member for WWF and heads up the advocation of WWF Cymru's Policy Positions. Jess is one of the first Cardiff Transition volunteers to get us up and running!

In 2015 the Well-being of Future Generations Act was passed into law in Wales, meaning all public sector organisations have to make decisions based on sustainable development principles. But what does this mean for Wales and for Cardiff. Jess McQuade who helped to shape the legislation explains the history of the act and what it means today and for the future.


The Steady State Economy (Calvin Jones)

Calvin is a professor at the Cardiff University Business School. His input at the 2017 Cardiff Transition AGM was focusing on the benefits and importance of a 'value driven economy' - not a profit driven economy.

Calvin has been involved in the development of a number of measurement tools for sustainability, including the pilot Environmental Satellite Accounts for Wales and the Tourism Environmental Satellite Account for Wales.


The 2016 Annual General Meeting:

This was on Tuesday, January 12th 2016 at the Quaker meeting house on Charles Street, Cardiff.  (a venue now supported by the excellent The Ethical Property Company) – all sustainability and community enthusiasts were welcomed and it was great to have new faces join in.

Attendees included representatives from (click on them for FB links);

The event helped nominate appointments in the core CT team, discuss best approach for expanding the Transition themes across all districts for a more prosperous, happier and stronger holistic community driven Cardiff !!!

Previous AGM’s – to be listed later. We will put up documents of Cardiff Transition Constitution, AGM’s over the years, policies that CT created as we develop this website.

Please do check back.

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