Cardiff Activist Cafe

Cardiff Activist Café was developed in mid 2016 by a group of volunteers from all walks of life across Cardiff – with the one defining mission: bring people together who are frustrated with the current neo-classic economic model, the flawed hierarchical and biased political situation and lack of real environmental holistic progression which everyone can benefit from – without compromising anyone else: WE ARE ALL PRECIOUS !!!

Check out the Cardiff Activist Café Facebook page and you can join the monthly mail chimp email update too via FB group page link!

The first year of monthly meetings of Cardiff Activist Café has always had a solid turn out with many new people always joining this newly established group; with it’s activities, discussion pointers, everyone contributing to large diagrams on the walls – some good links are being grown from Activist Café!

With representation from socialist parties, Cardiff People’s Assembly, Labour supporters, Green Party supporters and many others – the links are helping build stronger community collaboration outreach and determination! Please come and join one of the monthly events of Cardiff Activist Café – and feel the difference!


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