Cardiff Taffs Community Currency

The Cardiff Taffs Community Currency, or ‘Taffs’ as they are informally known. This wonderful group began life at the Embassy / Cathays Community Centre and has been steadily growing since the late 2000’s.

Although not exactly a LETS process per se, the Cardiff Taff’s does have a unique set up, process and properties for valuing and encouraging community spirit. They have real happiness to those who are actively involved and are slowly organically growing mainly by word of mouth recommendation.

This video shows efforts of Cardiff Taffs Community Currency of which their efforts in the late 2000’s has brought people together and skills (and information) exchange has began firmly linking people together and creating a strong social connectivity across the districts.

Due to the efforts of Cardiff Taffs; the actual ‘alternative currency’ becomes second fiddle in many respects as the primary goal is to gain a greater social interconnectivity in your area and just as importantly know your neighbours, gain trust and build up a strong community.

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