Sustainable Cardiff Map

The Sustainable Cardiff Map was created by many using Open Green Source Maps to highlight all the community, volunteering, renewable energy platforms, skills groups, discussion groups in Cardiff.

This map is designed to facilitate better community awareness and interaction with all that Cardiff offers. It is focused around Transition Principles which include sustainability, environment and community. You will find groups, projects, organisation that run in and around Cardiff.

Mapping video:

If your group is not on there yet please feel free to suggest the site to us. What can you add to your Cardiff map? This is your map of your community in Cardiff. Join the mapping venture and help get your community initiatives noticed!

This video will show the essence of what Community Mapping is about. If every social (support, volunteering, skills), environmental (clean up work, litter picking groups, renewables), local economy (informal and formal) project based in Cardiff was listed on this community map it would be a comprehensive platform to find something of interest to you in your sustainable city.

Mapping Categories:

The following mapping examples are available to you. If you are aware of an entity not listed in the various maps below – please contact us and tell us about it.

  1. Culture and Community
  2. Conservation, Land and Water management
  3. Charities, Volunteers and Pressure Groups
  4. Economy, Local Business & procurement
  5. Educations, Skills and Learning
  6. Food and Growing
  7. Heat and Energy
  8. Health, Longevity and wellbeing
  9. Transport
  10. Waste

Working under these ten categories; Cardiff Transition aims to make it easier for you to find and get involved with areas of your own specific sustainability interest.


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