Well being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015

The guts of the Future Generations Act is 7 pillars have been set which we are encouraged to adhere to in order to preserve our cultural, social, environmental and economic legacy for the generations that will arrive in decades to come. This epitomises the interpretation of ‘sustainable development’ as defined in 1987 as using our resources appropriately today so that these same resources are still available for those who will need them in generations to come.

The following video will attempt to deliver the abridged version of what the Future Generations Act stands for:

Cardiff Transition’s efforts will attempt to adhere to the 7 main criteria as set out in Future Generations Act. This has been placed in our policy to guide us to make the best practice on what finite resources Cardiff Transition functions upon. We actively encourage all of you to lead more low-impact lifestyles and adopt the criteria as set out in the Future Generations Act.


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