What can you do?

There are easily 100 people in Cardiff who regularly directly & indirectly contribute to the Cardiff Transition ethos. We are always looking to meet up with many people across your our fair city who are actively engaged (to name a few examples) in:

  • Healthy food growing, sharing, awareness
  • Skills exchange, community development and engagement
  • Renewables, Energy conservation and sustainable housing & districts
  • Funding applications
  • … and much more!

You don’t have to be ‘skilled’ as many volunteers have claimed to learnt a lot ‘on the job volunteering’ !

Some links of interest:

Carbon Literacy Project – “The Carbon Literacy Project (CLP), originating in Manchester, offers everyone who works, lives or studies in the city and wider area, a day’s worth of Carbon Literacy learning: climate change, carbon footprints, how you can do your bit, and why it’s relevant to you and your audience. More than just small, personal changes, Carbon Literacy highlights the need for substantial change and supports you, as an individual, to have a cascade effect on a much wider audience – whether it’s in your workplace, community, school, University, place of worship, or other setting. The Carbon Literacy Project is unique. There is nothing else quite like it anywhere else.”

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