Cardiff Transition is the umbrella body of supporting multiple community/sustainability initiatives across Cardiff. Please click on the below logo’s to gain access to these exciting projects by their own respective websites/social media pages;

There are many volunteering opportunities; going out with regular 40 volunteers to clean up our rivers with CRG: Cardiff Rivers group, or getting involved in the apple gathering as part of Orchard Cardiff, to the dozens of excellent groups listed on Share Cardiff, to getting involved in discussion and meeting like minded peers with the Cardiff Activist Cafe – we actively encourage you to get involved in these fantastic groups!!

The Transition Network have created guidance on how to reduce your impact upon the planet and encourage a stronger zero carbon economy. You can download a copy of the .pdf document HERE.

Millions of individuals can make tiny (and significant) steps that as part of a local, national and international co-ordinated response; sharing all these good practices will prove we can turn things around making for a truly sustainable planet.

Recent news:

“Lottery Grant awarded to Cardiff Transition in 2019!!”

The National Lottery Awards for All:  have generously awarded Cardiff transition an award for 12 months of 2019 to undertake the pilot scheme of a mapping project to highlight all the positive things happening in Cardiff. We shall be reporting back on the findings of this exiting venture at AGM’s, Show & Tell’s, Cardiff green Drinks and other community outreach efforts.

“Bringing together people in Cardiff for the common good of a community driven city”

Cardiff Transition is the information hub/platform of sustainability groups in and around Cardiff, the Capital of Wales (as well as one of hundreds of international transition groups under the global Transition Network!) Cardiff Transition was established informally in 2007/08 to act as a voluntary body umbrella group to support and raise awareness of all sustainability themed voluntary groups, events, businesses and organizations.

Transition groups are encouraged to set up all around the planet to keep people updated of sustainable issues such as:

  • Healthier lifestyles, more green spaces & safer connected communities.
  • Create zero carbon economies
  • Local food production
  • Local social/business/public networks
  • Renewable energy, improved local efficiency and reduce fossil fuel use.
  • Better healthier local transport systems
  • …. the list of sustainability themed issues is endless – check them out and see how you can get involved.
  • For the rest Wales, UK and the world – check out the main Transition Network page.

The main ethos now is to engage with people and encourage collaboration throughout Cardiff in an attempt to drive us all towards a zero-carbon economy, stronger local social/community links and improving health, longevity and happiness in a City that does have the potential to be so much more.

Please use the website to find regular activities, groups in your area or help join in a project of food growing, helping those in challenging situations, building holistically

Cardiff Transition works on a voluntary basis with a strong base of people from all backgrounds and professions who bring practical steps and activities to the forefront of making Cardiff a truly sustainable city – for all of us!

You are part of the Transition in Cardiff !!! Please join in!!!


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